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April Fool's '98

The biggest Mario joke on the web started on SMBHQ on April 1st, 1997 at 7:00 PM EST. There and then, a huge news story proclaiming the rerelease of the original SMB, unchanged, and for the NES, was announced. Soon, the phone lines and printing presses were abuzz with this breaking story. Well, maybe not, but at least a few people were confused and fooled. One person wrote "Please tell me if your April 1st news story was an April fools joke or not. I've already told some of my friends, and by now, the whole of the interent is probably abuzz with it by now." The current fooled mail count is half a dozen, so I decided the jokes over, and put the article, and the April fool's cameo, Mario's Tea Party, into this archive.
Just be on the lookout next April 1st!
News: 4/1/98
SMB is to be re-released in the US next week!!! In a surprise press conference today, Howard Lincoln, president of NOA, said that the original SMB for the NES will be re-released by next Monday, with absolutely no changes, and for the old NES format. "We looked at how well our million seller re-releases were doing, and tried to think about what other games we could re-release." Lincoln said. "We had already done every SNES game that was even remotely popular, so we looked at the NES. Super Mario Bros. had sold mutiple-millions of units, and we feel it can do well commercially again." When asked if he thought SMB could hold up against the 32/64 bit competition, he commented "Over 98% of the games out right now are total crap, and they all for Playstation and Saturn. We feel Super Mario Bros. is better than them all." InWhen asked about the soundness of this decision while Super Mario all-stars is also being re-released and doing quite well, Lincoln responded, "We've found nearly 50% of current NES owners don't have an SNES, and that about 3% of those still play it. This ads up to about half a million potential customers who don't have access to Super Mario all-stars. Of these, we estimate a good 1,000 are potential customers who don't yet have Super Mario Bros. This number doesn't include the people who won't buy All-stars because of the inclusion of a save feature, which many Mario purists are opposed to. You do the math". Finally, when asked about how the resale of SMB at places like funcoland for less than $1 will affect this plan, he replied, "We've thought of that, and are commited to solve the problem. Once Super Mario Bros. is re-released we will put all of our legal and financial muscle into stopping it's unauthorized resale. Other Nintendo products can still be sold at these second hand gaming establishments. Just not Super Mario Bros." Mr. Lincoln then said he had nothing more to say, and left the room amid confused stares from the press.
This is very good news for the Nes owning Mario fans who can't find a copy of SMB, but it doesn't seem good in the business sense for Nintendo. Has Nintendo gone crazy?!?! Oh well.
By the way, Happy April Fools Day

Cameos: Mario Tea Party : I found a translated version of this japan-only famicom ROM while surfing the net for Mario emulation recently. The best way I can describe it is surreal. The set-up is kind-of (very loosely) like Mario is Missing, but with a worse premise (which I thought was impossible until now) You choose a character from the Mario universe (Even the enemies!) and basically, you have a tea party. Mario sits opposite you at the table, which has super mushrooms, cookies, and a tea pitcher on it. You see the back of your character. The D-pad controls a little cursor that can choose a few options each represented by a graphic. These include pour, sip, take a Super Mushroom, etc. When you choose these, the selected event happens in approx. 3 frames of animation repeated 10 times (Each action takes about a minute). Depending on the order of food/drink/action you do, you get more/less points (The best combo I found was sip-sip-pour-sip-eat-mush-sip-eat). Mario occasioanly makes dry comments such as "Nice weather isn't it?" and "How do you like the tea?". You then get to choose between two different answers (Usually "Yes" or "No") and get points for answering correctly (If the clouds in the badly drawn sky are black, you say the weather isn't good, etc.) There are 3125 questions in all, according to the readme, but I've only found these two (He repeated them each 10 times in my 1 hour play session!). How this game actually came out and who would want to play it is beyond me, but it's still very funny to see once, and extremely rare (I had never heard of it before today). If anyone hasa copy of this very rare game, please e-mail me.
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