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April Fool's '01

     Well, it seems that this years april fools joke went a little better than 1999's. Most people automatically saw it as a hoax, but I fooled at least three people that I heard from (especially amusing was this e-mail which tried to tell me that I'd been "tricked" by this anonymous tipster). A lot of people replied saying that it was obviously fake, but cute, and I got one piece of hate mail about it! Not bad for a last-minute gag. See y'all next year.

Mario News: 4/1/01
Shocking news! Mario's next game will be released on Sega's Dreamcast as well as Nintendo's GameCube. I received this information in an anonymous e-mail from a Nintendo spokesperson. Read it now before reading on!
Kyle's Kommentary: All I can say is... wow! Miyamato and Naka together making one game! For Dreamcast and GameCube! This was probably the "more mature" Mario that Miyamato has been hinting at for a while now. The screenshot doesn't inspire me with a lot of confidence, but it's still early in development, so I'm sure it will look better when it's done. I wish we had more information on this game,but we were lucky to get anything this early.I can't wait until the 15th when the game is officially announced. Stay tuned to SMBHQ for more information as we get it.

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