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April Fool's '03

     The lesson learned from this year's April Fools joke is that I'm no good with Photoshop. I got a lot of responses to this year's joke, but almost no one was fooled by my quick Paint Shop Pro job. Maybe it's just that you guys are getting too used to me doing an April Fools joke every year. Maybe next year I wont do one... that'll fool ya good!

Some of the better responses, from both IM and E-mail (e-mail and IM names ***'ed to protect the potential fools):

U****** (1:36:54 AM): i really do not think that car exists
Auto response from K******* (1:36:54 AM): I want this car!
U****** (1:37:20 AM): some idiot just transposed pictures of mario on top of a normal beetle
K******* (9:30:26 AM): that idiot was me =P

Ha ha ha. Two updates so soon on SMBHQ? This has got to be some kind of joke. Maybe next year you could try something better, like, I don't know, a Mario-based car.

No, there's no way that the Mario car is real, first off, the headlights are covered. And pixelized stars on the rims, gimme a break. A POOR Photoshop joke at best...
I didn't even think of today being April fool's day, I only looked at the doors the first time. Good eyes, guys.
From this thread at the message boards (not sure how long the link will work)

From: Aj*******
I know. April Fools. Ha ha. It's not funny. That was the stupidest joke since the new Nintendo system with the T-rated Mario game a few years ago! The pictures were way too fake! I mean come on! Believe it or not a believed the NC game for GBA thing last year (I was 10 and stupid) but this one sucks!
(Editor's note: Last year you were 10 and stupid. This year you are... 11 and smart???)

I saw the SMBHQ one.. it's good, but nowhere as good as your previous ones.
-Harry Li (SM128C)

Nice April Fools Joke Kyle... very funny given that I fell for it when I glanced at it the first time...
See ya' - Ryan

From: Super********
This is another April fool's joke
(Editor's note: This e-mail cracked me up. It wasn't a question or a comment, just a blunt statement of fact. What am I supposed to do... thank him for the warning?)

From: br********
Dear Kyle,
April fools! Not too convincing, since the decals were obviously put on using photoshop, there are some flaws. But, nice try, anyway!

And... the actual joke:

Mario Products

Super Mario Beetle- Oh... my... goodness. I've seen Mario put on some outrageous stuff before, but this one takes the cake. Much like the Pikachu car before it, the Mario car pictured here is Nintendo's latest effort to promote its games through an automobile. I found these pictures from a link on the Volkswagon website that has since been taken down (was this page put up prematurely? hmmmm). I did manage to snag these two pictures before they got rid of it, though.

As you can see from the pictures on the left and right, the car is a yellow, 2003 Volkswagon Beetle with pictures of Mario affixed to it. There are two caped Mario's surrounding the VW logo on the front and Big pictures of Mario's head on each of the head lights (get it?). I suppose the head decals are made of some translucent material to let the lights from the headlights shine through, but I can't be sure. The familiar, 3D render of Mario from Super Mario 64 appears on both front doors. If you look closely at the picture on the left, you can also see a starman on each hubcap (it's very tiny... try and squint). And, of course, Nintendo promotes its brand-name image with the familiar red, "Nintendo" in an oval on the front bumper.

There were few details on the VW page about a release date, pricing, or other details about this car, but they did promise that the car would be available in a variety of colors (so those who want Mario's-shirt red won't be dissapointed). Personally, I'm surprised that Nintendo didn't try to promote one of its more recent releases, like Metroid Prime or Zelda: Wind Waker, but I'll take whatever Mario products I can get. If you guys want more information about the car, or just want to share your thoughts on it, you can e-mail me and I'll be sure to get back to you as soon as I learn more.
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