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Subj: The Dreamcast Mario story is false
Date: 4/4/01 8:55:49 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Hello Kyle,

    I'm sorry to tell you that you have been throughtly tricked. The story submitted by a suppossed Nintendo spokesperson in completely false, and I'll tell you why.

    - Sega is now developing for Nintendo systems because it gave up on the Dreamcast, but Nintendo still has to support his consoles. Do you really think Nintendo will give away the number one Gamecube seller that would be Mario GCN?
    - Nintendo is one of the most secretive companies EVER. One of their employees would first die that reveal a secret like that, since I'd mean betraying the company. Believe me, Japanese think like that.
    - The whole mail that was sent to you stinks. Anyone can make a mail appear to be from the domain? Did you try to reply to him? You'll either get another person's address or a non-existant username error. The photo is obviously a fake shot as well. Why would someone EVER place Mario (and note it is the same Mario from Mario 64, and with GCN launch so near I'm sure the new Mario 3D character is ready) in a Sonic enviroment, even more so considering this is supposed to be same Mario game that will be launched for GCN?

    Unfortunately there is no way to track this person down, since he probably used a false e-mail address.

    Well, I hope you continue to do well in what I think is a great site.

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