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SMBHQ's 7 Year Itch

Before I went to write the the first SMBhq birthday special in 3 years, I decided to read the last birthday special about the early days of SMBhq

After reading it, I took special notice at Kyle Orland's final line:
"I already did my thanks you's earlier, so I'll just finish by saying that it's been a blast so far. Here's hoping that SMBHQ lasts three more years at least. Cheers!"
Well here we are three years later and SMBhq is still here.

But boy is it lucky to still be here.

At the time of SMBhq's 4th birthday (when the early days article was written), Kyle wasn't finding the time for the site that he used to have.

Within months, Kyle had resigned as webmaster.  The site would have been dead right then and there if Kyle's good buddy, and co-founder, Jay Resop didn't take up the reigns.

But don't think for a second that, from then on, it was all wine and roses for SMBhq.

While he tried to update SMBhq regularly (and he still does try), Jay was in college and sometimes, like Kyle, couldn't find the time for the parts of the site he was responsible for.

As a result, SMBhq fell into the hands of the other staff members, like myself.

As the game pages, game lists, reviews, and other sections grew cobwebs, sections like Mysteries, SSS, and even Jay's NC thrived.

Jay's updates started becoming more about what was happening with the "user sections" (as the staff members pages were called).

However, even the user sections, weren't in the best shape.  Staff members came and went with the seasons and some sections, like the chat room I run, struggle to attract visitors.

This is the niche SMBhq has been in for the last few years.

Finally someone got fed up.

Last February the following arrived in the mailbag inbox:
Dear Super Mario Brothers Headquarters,

Although I do admit that I thoroughly enjoy your web site, I have a
bone to pick with you. the people at SMBHQ need to update the old sections
more! I am speaking for a lot of my friends and Internet pals when I
say that there is too much new crap being added to SMBHQ. I am not
interested about chats, and Mysteries, and Chuck Quizmo. I want stuff that
Reviews, better walkthroughs, more movie info. All that would be great,
but please, PLEASE, do not make anymore sections. A web site of your
caliber does not need them!


While I was angry about the letter (since it targeted my sections), it got me thinking;  Maybe SMBhq could use a little touching up and I volunteered to do just that.

Hence, the SMBhq Renaissance was born.

The goal of the SMBhq Renaissance is a slow, but total, makeover of SMBhq, bring it into the 21st century.

Today you are seeing months of brainstorming begin to surface. 

The brand new main page, and eventually the new "era pages," is aimed to return SMBhq's focus to the thing SMBhq was about from the very start - THE GAMES!!!!!!

Hopefully, with the changes, SMBhq can last for another 3 years and we will be here proudly celebrating SMBhq's 10th.

- Sean P Kelly -- August 2004

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