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SMBHQ's 8th Anniversary

You know when a site is getting old when you are having trouble writing birthday specials (and you are forced to come up with bad puns for the anniversary name).

Shortly after writing last year's special, I was made co-webmaster and I was busy trying to keep SMBhq in the game. Most notably with the re-designed game pages, dubbed, by me, as the "era pages."

I had big plans for the era pages. When completed, the era pages should be second only to TMK's game pages in terms of covering all the Mario games.

Sadly, the era pages turned out to be a bigger task than I thought. No offence to Kyle, but the existing SMBhq game pages weren't comprehensive enough to be simply converted into a new format. As such, EVERY SINGLE GAME PAGE HAS TO BE REDONE. That, combined with maintaining the other sections of SMBHQ, made it hard for me to find the time to work on the era pages.

I had hoped to have all the era pages done by the end of the year, but sadly that will not come to be. In addition to the other tasks on the site, I am going to be enrolling into York University, in Toronto, this fall. As such, I will not have much time for the site, like I did for the last 2 years (during my post-college limbo). In fact, right after this update, I am going to be taking about 2 months off from main site work (I'll still do mysteries), while I am settling in to University life.

But all is not bad news for this 8th anniversary of SMBhq. I am going to end with a little look into the future. So, without further ado, just in time for it's 20th anniversary in October, here is the BRAND SPANKING NEW (and complete) games page for SUPER MARIO BROS!!!!!!!!!

'Til next year

- Sean P Kelly -- August 2005

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