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Generic Site FAQ

(Yeah, I know these questions are copied from TMK.  But they are good questions - SK)

Can I use one of your files, etc. on my site?
Well you can't use the HTML files and such.  With other files, that depends.  It would probably be a good idea to ask us first, as well as put a link up to SMBhq.

Need help with anything?
Any section that "currently looking for new editor", could use your assitence.  Click here for more info on how to apply.

Can I send you...?
Yep, feel free to send in anything that you wish.  Just make sure that it won't blow up out computers.

Can I link to your site?
Feel free.  You will find any buttons and banners on the links page.

Will you link to my site?
If we like it.

Want to affiliate with my site?
A) We must like your site. B) It must have something to do with Mario

Please note, that we don't want to clutter the front page with buttons, so we'll only add your button if we REALLY like your site. You still might get a link though.

When will the stuff I sent in be posted on SMBHQ?
There is a priority set on content. Links and Era Page submissions go up pretty fast. Products submissions would be next. Stuff like the Purity Test would be dead last.

As such, don't mail us if we haven't put up your submission yet.

How often do you update?
A solid effort is made for at least one update a week. However, this may fluctuate depending on how busy we our with our lives.

What do you use to make SMBHQ?
Sean Kelly: For HTML coding, I use a program called HTML-Kit, which colour-codes the tags making pages much easier to edit.

In recent years, my image-editting has been done with a program called GIMP, which is an open source image-editor based on the GNU platform (and is the default image editor for most Linux users -- I got my start with the program in a Linux class I took).
Are your downloads free?
NO THEY AREN'T.  Every time you click a download, $1 is withdrawn from your bank account. (just kidding, they are free)

How do I download your files?
Right click a link to the file you want to download to your computer and choose something like 'Save As...' or 'Save Link As...'. If you are using a Macintosh, you have to click and hold on the link or something. I don't really know since I don't use a Mac.

Can I mirror your site?
Why would you want to?

Why Mario?
There is a nice little story on how SMBhq came to be here.

What is your real name?
Sean Kelly's real name is Sean Patrick Kelly, Kyle Orland's real name is Kyle Margules Orland, and Jay Resop's real name is Perrin Aybera. :P

Who is your favorite Koopa Kid?
Sean Kelly: Ludvig Von Koopa

What is your favorite Mario game?
Sean Kelly: Super Mario Bros. 3

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Why should I shop through SMBhq instead of going to the providers directly?
When you shop through the SMBhq Store, SMBhq will get a small portion of the amount of every product sold, which in turn helps to keep SMBhq online.

Which provider is used the most thoughout the store?
SMBHQ is now exclusively affilated with and the store itself uses Amazon's a-Store program.

Hey, the listing says I can buy a product new, but then the site only has used.  What's up with that? tends to list the new price for a product, even though new copies are no longer made.  Don't ask why.

The price keeps changing.  Why's that?
The price of a product depends on a lot of things, like the age of the product and availability.  Also,'s secondhand Marketplace, allows users to sell products at whatever price they seem fit, as long as it's within a reasonable limit.  As a result, the prices tend to change on a near-daily basis.

Why is there an ad instead of product info? sometimes sneaks in ad banners instead of posting the product info, reload the page an everything should be fine.

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Site Feed FAQ

What are Feeds?
A web feed is a data format used for providing users with frequently updated content. They use XML-based files are also called RSS (Real Simple Syndication) or ATOM feeds.

What kind of feeds does SMBHQ have?
SMBhq Update Feed
The primary feed for SMBHQ, this feed links to SMBHQ's latest updates.

SMBhq HeadlineNews Feed
This feed provides links to the latest news headlines.

SMBlogHQ Feed
This feed updates you on the latest blog entires.

Go to the site feed page for more information.

How do I subscribe to the feeds?
You can subscribe either through the latest versions of I.E. or Firefox or through a reader.

Here is a detailed explaination how:

  • Browse to either the main page (for the update feed), news page (for the news feed), or blog (for the blog feed).
  • Click the feed icon (Feed) that either appears somewhere on the page or at the top of the browser (a feed icon for the update feed can also be found on the sidebar of most pages).
  • At the page you are brought to, click "Subscribe to Feed" in I.E. 7 to add "SMBHQ Updates" to the feeds category of the favourites menu or click "Subscribe Now" in Firefox 2 to add the feed to your Live Bookmarks.


Mozilla Thunderbird
Mozilla Thunderbird has an RSS reader that downloads updates like e-mail.  Here is how to set it up for the feeds.

  • In Thunderbird, highlight "News and Blogs"
  • Click "Manage Subscriptions"
  • In the new window click "Add"
  • Enter the feed URL (found on the site feed page) and click OK to subscribe to the feed
Windows Live Mail
If you are a Hotmail/I.E. 7 user, the easiest reader for you would be Windows Live Mail
  • First Subscribe to the feed using I.E.
  • Feed updates will then be automatically downloaded into Windows Live Mail

Hey, there's no "Subscribe" button when I click the link?

SMBHQ uses the Feedburner service to mainage its feeds. Sometimes, Feedburner will link you to a page with various reader links instead of the XML summary. If this happens, click "View Feed XML" to go to the XML summary and continue the instructions above.
Any other readers I can use?

Sites such as Google and Yahoo allow you to subscribe via the web and there are plenty of third-party readers for you to download.  All you need to subscribe is SMBHQ's feed URL. A few of the on-line services are linked to on the site feed page.

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