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You've been asking for it for a while, and now here it is... a graphics section. I'm open to suggestion for what to put here. For right now, I'll just put up whatever graphics I like. Some graphics may look weird because of some problem with Netscape (It sees black as white sometimes), but if you download 'em, they'll look OK. Choose your section
Screen Shots
Screen captures from Mario games. Look at games you've never played or sections you've never been to. Or just browse some pics of your favorite games.
Official renderings of Mario from Nintendo. Scanned in from instruction booklets, strategy guides, and magazines. About the site. All Rights Reserved. All content contained herein is property of SMBhq. SMBhq is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are copyrights of Nintendo Co. Ltd. More legal info. Privacy Statement.
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