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Rules for Sending Mail:

Need you read these? No. Would I like you to read these? ABSOLUTELY!

  1. You must be asking a question about SMBHQ or a Mario-related product or game.
  2. It's a good idea to put the general idea of your e-mail in the subject.
  3. E-mails with foul language will be INSTANTLY deleted.
  4. Do not send mail to the mailbag expecting a reply. There are other addresses for that.
  5. For help with a game, it's a good idea to name the game (if it's on multiple systems, which system as well) IN THE SUBJECT of your email. Also, check elsewhere on SMBhq to see if you can find the answer.
  6. Make sure your question is not answered in any other section (or previous mailbags) before sending it in.
  7. If you want to know how to get a certain Mario Product, chances are, the answer will be eBayBe as specific as you can.
  8. Since it could take up to a few months for us to get to your question, please refrain from sending questions requiring an immediate answer. There are other places to send those.
  9. Please don't send e-mails asking if we got your e-mail. Chances are, it's sitting in the backlog.
  10. General inquiries about SMBHQ should NOT be sent to the mailbag address. Send them to
  11. While, we may try to answer questions about the specialty sections, it might be a better idea to directly contact the correct staff member.

Now that you know the rules, send away.

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