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Welcome to the site on the web for Mario fanatics. This page has information on everything Mario! Anything from Mario video games & characters to his products and cartoons, it's here. However, this site does not have many things usually ascociated with fan sites. Things like pictures and sound files, strategie, and codes are only in minimal ammonuts in this site. People looking for these should refer to the links section. However, if your looking for information on everything else Mario, this is the place.
For the clueless:SMB=Super Mario Bros./SML=Super Mario Land/SMW=Super Mario World/YI=Yoshi's Island/SM64=Super Mario 64

Regular updates: The stuff to come back for every so often
Mario News: What's happening in the world of Mario
Mario's Cameos - A small description about 2 or 3 of Mario's cameos each week.
Neglected Mario Characters - Jay Resop presents the unsung heroes of the Mario universe.
Mario Bros. Poll - Voice your opinion on a different topic each week. PLEASE VOTE
Mario Trivia : 5+ new questions each week. Ranging from super-easy to mega-hard. Answers also.
Mario comics & books: The print media that's spread Mario to the literate
Game Ideas: Ideas for ne Mario games submitted by you.

Reference: All the information you could ever want about a pair of plumbers
Super Mario Bros. game list: EVERY game the brothers have ever been in. Plus links to info. on each game.
Enemies List: A pretty complete enemy list for all Mario games.
Items List:A list of EVERY item in the Mario universe.
Yoshi's Island strategy- The first in a series of comprehensive strategy on various Mario games. By Mark Kelly.
Mario products - A few of the products Mario's been featured on. Soon to have more.
Mario Who?: Most people already know who Mario is, but if you don't, or need a refresher, this is it.
Mario Links: The best Mario resources out there.
Misconceptions : Little known or misconceived information on the Bros.
SMB Cartoon Page : Lots of info. all 3 SMB TV cartoons. By Adam Spradlin
Disclaimer : This site is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Company Limited, Nintendo of America, or any other mentioned companies. Super Mario Bros. and all character names are registered trademarks of Nintendo Co. Ltd.
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Thanx goes to Dan Wasielenski for lots of the pics on this site. Without him, it would be almost all text. Thanks also goes to Jay Resop and Mark Kelly for helping to edit this page.
Made By: Kyle Orland

This Mario's Video Game Ring site is owned by Kyle Orland.

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