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Last Updated: 4/01/04
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This is Sean Kelly.  You may have known this page once as "Super Mario Mysteries," where you would help explore and investigate the unsolved and unexplained happenings in the Mario world.  THAT WAS SUCH A BORE!  As a result, I decided to scrap the whole mysteries idea and re-lauch the page as "NC LITE."  It's just like the regular NC, except with half the calories.  I hope that you will enjoy NC LITE as much as you liked Super Mario Mysteries. **SPECIAL NOTE** I work hard to produce the humor on this page. None of the stuff on my page may be copied. Please ask ME, Sean Kelly, first before stealing anything off the page. I know that there are no laws about this sort of thing, but if I find out that you took something, trust me, I'll find out where you are and beat the crap out of you. The internet is not that big. As another note, NONE of the comix on this page may be copied for any reason without my consent. As a third note, Dr Crackle, Mr Cryde, and Boogore are all names that I created and are copyright by myself. Those names and all of the other made-up characters used here on NC LITE may not be used without my consent or the consent of the character's creator. Thank you for your cooperation. Have a nice day.

Just as a note, I write these articles as a Mario fan. Some of parts of my writing come from factual Nintendo information. The rest is my own imagination. None of this is writen to discredit Nintendo. Enjoy.

Special Thanks to Jay Resop for showing me how much better NC was compared to Mysteries. As another note, all of the sprites of the characters used here are owned by their respective companies (AKA Nintendo). I am not taking credit for creating these characters. All I have done is given them new, cooler names. Oh yeah and April Fools
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