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Neglected Character Deathmatch

Goomba VS Shy-guy

Poser: NC Deathmatch time!
Orlando: We got another Battle of the Bad Guys for you.
Poser: In the Right Corner, the Current Champion, Goomba!
Orlando: In the Left Corner, the Dude from Number Two, Shy-guy!

Orland: Well I am really looking forward to this fight. Will Shy-guy be able to de-crown Goomba?
Poser: We'll see. It should be a great match.

Poser: Looks like Fred the Spanyard has to give these guys a little pep talk.

Orlando: And they are off!

Orlando: Man, will these people just leave Mario alone for once??? To shave off his mustache? Thats a sin!
Poser: What do you expect for a guy who has so much fame. He has it comming. Well i guess todays deathmatch as a draw! See you next time!
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