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Neglected Character Deathmatch

Jay VS Kyle

Poser: You asked for it, NC Deathmatch!
Orlando: Hm...whats this? Am I reading this right?
Poser: Yes, thats right! In the Right Corner, The Master of Marioness, The Freak of Mario Freaks, The Webpage Master of SMBHQ, The Internet God, Kyle!
Orlando: And In the Left Corner, The Defender of the Neglected, The King of the Kool, The NC Man, Jay!

Orlando: So we have for you tonight the Creator of SMBHQ and the Creator of NC duking it out for the victory!
Poser: This match will determine who is The Greatest Webpagemaster of All Time. It will be interesting to see if Jay can take down Kyle from his title.
Orlando: Wait-a-minute, isn't Jay the one making this comix?
Poser: We have been told that Jay will not favor himself. This should be a fair fight.

Poser: And we're off to a start!
Orlando: Jay avoids the attack with some excellent jumping ability.
Poser: I hear he learned that from Luigi himself.

Orlando: Whats this? Jay is using his ability as maker of the comix for his favor! That cheater!
Poser: Everything is fair in NC Deathmatch.

Poser: And Kyle breaks out of Jay's attack!

Orlando: What the...?
Poser: Um...
Orlando: Hahahahahaha!
Poser: Hahahaahha!

Poser: And Jay's attacks continue to do jack!

Orlando: Looks like Kyle is going to end this one.
Poser: And he really ended this one.
Orlando: Um...

Orlando: What the heck??? A DRAW!?!?!? In the HISTORY of NC Deathmatch this has NEVER happened.
Poser: Wow, I'm sure that you'll never see another fight like that ever again. At least until the next NC Deathmatch. See you there!
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