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Neglected Character Deathmatch

Wart VS Ridley

Poser: Here you go folks, the Deathmatch that you have been waiting for!
Orlando: This Deathmatch is a continuation of Deathmatch #2! Thats quite a wait for this comix!
Poser: But it will be worth it! In the Green Corner, NC Deathmatch Vet, Wart!
Orlando: And in the other corner, That Boss Guy from Metroid, Ridley!

Poser: Why are these two fighting each other anyway? They have nothing in common!
Orlando: It can all be explained in Deathmatch #2.
Poser: No it can't.
Orlando: Well get to the fight.

Poser: After much stalling, Ridley starts his attack!
Orlando: I'd say things are really starting to heat up for Wart.
Orlando: And Wart has sneezed himself out of Ridley's fire!

Poser: Whats this? Another mysterious attacker!
Orlando: We really need to up the security at this place. Where's Fred?
Poser: Something about buying tacos.
Orlando: Sigh.

Orlando: Toad?
Poser: Who would of known! Toad gets ready for an attack. How is Wart going toget out of this one?

Orlando: What a great fight. In spite of being sick, Wart was able to overcome all odds.
Poser: Who knew he had it in him. Along with all of that snot. Well, see you next time on NC Deathmatch!
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