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Neglected Character Deathmatch

Peach VS Daisy VS Pauline

Poser: Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Deathmatch!
Orlando: Yes, and that means fight, fight and fight. We have a great show for you tonight.
Poser: In the Pink Corner, returning to NC Deathmatch after a pathetic showing agianst Samus Aran, Princess Peach!
Orlando: In the other Pink Corner, the gal all the way from Donkey Kong, Pauline!
Poser: And in the Gray Corner ('cause thats the only picture Jay found), the girl from SML, Princess Daisy!

Poser: This match will determine once and for all who is really the most powerful of Mario's girlfriends.
Orlando: This should be one heck of a cat fight. Lets get ready to rumble!
Poser: And we start off with a bang!
Orlando: Who knew Pauline had it in her?
Poser: Or Daisy for that matter.

Orlando: They are really going at it.
Poser: It's World War 4 out there!
Orlando: Um...Poser...there have been only 2 World Wars so far.
Poser: I'm also counting the NC Deathmatch between Mario, Luigi and Wario.

Orlando: And Peach, who has been doing nothing the entier fight, falls first!

Poser: Daisy and Pauline continue to pummel each other.

Orlando: And whats this??? Peach is still in this fight??? She has gotten up!!!

Orlando: Daisy and Pauline are destroyed! This has to be the greatest comeback ever!

Poser: Wait...
Orlando: It was just Bill...

Orlando: Well that was a surprize.
Poser: Not really, I knew all along. So I guess this will be continued in Deathmatch 14, Bill the Extra Guy VS Fred the Spanyard! See ya then!
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