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Neglected Character Deathmatch

Bill VS Fred

Poser: Welcome to NC Deathmatch!
Orlando: We have a great show for you folks tonight!
Poser: In the red corner, flying in on his magic crapet all the way from Super Mario Bros. 2, He's Good, He's Powerful, and most importantly, He's Extra, Bill the Extra Guy!
Orlando: And in the green corner, the guy from Span who needs no introduction, the One, the Only, Fred the Spanyard!

Poser: This fight will pit the two creations of NC Maker Jay Resop.
Orlando: Both seemed to be hyped up for battle, it should be a good fight.
Poser: Here's a look at Bill's Stats. He has quite a array of well-rounded attacks. Plus I'm sure he has some we havn't even seen yet.
Orlando: And Fred...just likes to smash stuff.

Poser: They seem to be a little hesitant to fight.
Orlando: You have to remember, John, that Bill and Fred's friendship goes back a long way. But no one really gets hurt in NC Deathmatch, so it'll be all for fun.

Orlando: Oh, we forgot to say that Mario will be the Guest Ref for tonight's match due to Fred being a contestant.
Poser: What a loser. I mean...good luck, Mario.

Poser: Fred is just hitting Bill with attack after attack! How long can Bill avoid those?

Orlando: Wow! And we have a winner! That seemed kind of quick...
Poser: Wait...Fred's not down yet!

Poser: And Bill is down! Literally. Lets hope that this disablement doesn't hurt Bill's offencive.

Orlando: And Fred is stopped cold in his tracks!

Orlando: Why, its Dr. Donez!
Poser: Looks like Bill is going to play a little tag team.

Poser: Thats it! And so Fred was hit with a giant Goomba!

Orlando: Wait! It looks like Fred fought his way out! Amasing! Will this Deathmatch ever end???

Poser: I guess it can.
Orlando: But wait! Fred is back again!

Orlando: Looks like Mario is going to have to get these guys to fight with a pep-talk.

Poser: And thats it, we have a winner! Bill the Extra Guy AND Fred the Spanyard!
Orlando: Does that count? Is it legal? Who cares! At least we got to see someone get blown away!
Orlando: Wow, that was a heck of a match! And the longest one in NC history to date!
Poser: Who would of thought that Mario would be the one to lose in this match? Nevermind, this is NC! That sort of thing happens all the time! Until next NC Deathmatch, take care!
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