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Neglected Character Deathmatch

Magus VS Kamek

Poser: Welcome to an all new NC Deathmatch!
Orlando: I'm your host, Lyle Orlando!
Poser: And I'm your other host, John Poser II!
Orlando: In the purple corner, the dude from Chrono Trigger, and we don't mean Crono, the dude also known as Janus, heres Magus!
Poser: And in the other corner, the bad guy from Yoshi's Island, and we don't mean Boswer, the one and only Kamek!

Poser: This here fight will be a true battle of the mages!
Orlando: Indeed. May the best magic caster win!

Poser: We are here with Crono from Chrono Trigger to Guest Host in tonight's match. How are you doing, Crono?
Poser: What was that? I can't hear you?
Orlando: Um...Poser...nevermind.

Orlando: Magus starts off the fight with his most powerful spell, Dark Matter? How will Kamek pull through?

Poser: Dang...thats a big Goomba. How do you think Magus will bring this thing down, Crono?

Orlando: Things are really starting to heat up for Magus!
Poser: That was a terrible pun...

Orlando: Incredible! One simple spell and the Goomba-a-Doomba is no more!

Poser: And thats the final strike! Kamek is out!
Orlando: But what's this???
Orlando: Yoshi has come into the arena???
Poser: Maybe he wants to challenge Magus?

Orlando: much for Yoshi.
Poser: What was the point of that??? Oh well, another Deathmatch down, another character takes a fall. See you soon with an all new NC Deathmatch!
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