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Neglected Character Deathmatch

Wart VS Lemmy Koopa

Poser: Hey all you NCers, welcome back to an all new NC Deathmatch! This Deathmatch was an idea of Moe from the NC Forum who Rules Above All! Lets give it up for Moe!
Orlando: And this is a most special NC Deathmatch for it is our first time back in quite a while. How did you spend your summer, Poser?
Poser: Lying in a ditch deep in the middle of the forest waiting for a fearsome grizzly bear to eat me, Orlando!
Orlando: Um...great. Hope that goes well for you.
Poser: How about you, Lyle?
Orlando: Oh, mostly making millions off of my new movie deal. Now lets introduce our contestants. In the Yellow Corner, Mr. 1 Win and 1 Loss, Mr. Sub-con, Wart!
Poser: And in the Blue Corner, a newcomer to the NC Deathmatch arena, a son of the great "King Dad," Lemmy Koopa!

Orlando: What do these fighters have to do with each other???
Poser: Beats me. But it's sure to be one hell of a fight.

Poser: And Wart's powerful spell put Lemmy right to sleep!
Orlando: Zzz...
Poser: Wake up, Lyle!
Orlando: Huh? What did I miss?
Poser: And Wart launches the first attack!
Orlando: Lemmy wet.

Poser: Hey, are we suppose to be paid?
Orlando: I thought Jay said this was all for charity...

Orlando: Lemmy gets blasted again! How much longer can he hold out?

Poser: What's this??? Lemmy has called in some help!
Orlando: It's Ref. Fred the Spanyard suppose to stop this kind of madness from happening???

Poser: Wow! In a shear showing of power...Wart has...
Orlando: Made a copy of himself? Wierd.
Poser: This will at least even up the odds for Wart.

Orlando: The Koopa Kids fall for their own trick! Wart comes out as the victor for his second strait fight!
Poser: I guess this will make up for getting humiliated by Bowser and Wario back at NC Deathmatch #3

Orlando: That's all from NC Deathmatch this time!
Poser: Stay tooned same NC time, same NC channel for an all new NC Deathmatch!
Orlando: You stole that from Batman.
Poser: Um...goodbye everyone!
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