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Neglected Character Deathmatch

Dr. Donez vs Prof. Executrain

Orlando: The match-up of the century is HERE!
Poser: The two fighters that people have been waiting month for to see in action are in the ring together.
Orlando: In the Purple Corner, weighing in at 50 pounds, the little Tweeter, the crazy mad scientist who wants to control the world,

Poser: And in the Orange Corner, weighing in 124 pounds, the Boomerang Brother, the crazy mad scientist who wants to control the world,

Poser: This will be one heck of a fight! These two characters have been arch-nemeses for decades!
Orlando: The winner of this fight will determine the NEW Ruler of the Entire World!
Poser: Um, it will?
Orlando: Sure. Now, let's get to the match!
Orlando: Donez and Executrain are squaring up.
Poser: So what is the backround behind these two mad scientists, anyway?
Orlando: I'm glad you asked that, Poser. Apparently, they met in Med School.
Poser: But what about this incredible hatred they have?
Orlando: I don't think we know the whole story yet. Appently, they just hate each other's guts.
Poser: Anyway, back to the fight!

Poser: (Yawn).
Orlando: These guys sure love to talk...

Orlando: It looks like Fred has to step in and get these two fighters fighting.
Poser: Zzz...
Orlando: John! Wake up!

Poser: It looks like Donez has brought in a little help from home.
Orlando: Ultradude?

Poser: And it looks like Executrain has even uped the odds!
Orlando: That monkey looks familiar...

Poser: Monkeybot and Ultradude have exploded in a halo of fire! Look at the choas!
Orlando: I guess Donez and Executrain have to fight their own battle, now.

Orlando: But wait! Executrain has brought in another weapon!

Poser: It looks like a pretty pathetic weapon, Lyle.

Orlando: Amazing! In one swift move, Executrain has destroyed Donez's ability to make close-ups!
Poser: Is that even possible?
Orlando: Anything is possible in NC Deathmatch!

Poser: Donez isn't taking the news very well.
Orlando: He's freaking out.

Orlando: But wait! Donez has one last trick up his sleeve!
Poser: Donez doesn't have sleeves.
Orlando: Um...back to the fight!

Poser: Executrain just isn't letting Donez get the upperhand of this fight.
Orlando: He plays to win. Or kill. Or both.

Orlando: Our figthers are up and kicking one again!

Poser: They arn't really kicking. More like stabbing.
Orlando: ...

Poser: And Donez...
Orlando: Hops?

Orlando: Incredible! With a flying kick, he sends Executrain out of the arena!
Poser: And this game goes to Donez!

Orlando: Who would of thought that Donez would have come back and won after so many hardships.
Poser: I guess that little guy is more powerful then he looks.
Orlando: Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed today's fight!
Poser: Look out for the next NC Deathmatch!
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