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Neglected Character Deathmatch

Toad vs Mog

Poser: Its Deathmatch time once again here at Deathmatch Arena!
Orlando: Um...yeah. Anyway, we have a awesome fight for you today, folks.
Poser: In the Fluffy Corner, the Super 'Shroom, the...wait, that's all that it says about him. Toad!
Orlando: And in the Fuzzy Corner, the Dance Master Extreme from Final Fantasy 6, Mog the Moogle!

Poser: This fight will determine...wait. What WILL this fight determine?
Orlando: No one really knows, Poser. No one but Jay Resop, that is.
Poser: How I loathe that Jay Resop...Why...if I saw Jay Resop...I'd...
Orlando: Um, Poser? Jay is paying our saleries, you know.

Poser: And Mog starts with a jump!
Poser: Now a twist! And another jump! Mog is insane!
Orlando: Yeah, but he isn't actually attacking Toad at all.

Poser: Wow! The true power of Mog is released at last!
Orlando: Apparently Mog can summon great powers just by dancing. Toad will have his work cut out for him in this fight, that's for sure.
Poser: Those rocks sure gatta hurt!

Orlando: Look! It's the Mushroom Warrior Supreme!
Orlando: Wait, it's just Toad. Bummer.

Poser: I guess one can say that Toad's chances of winning has been cut in size. Get it? Cut in size???
Orlando: ...

Poser: Mog doesn't seem to be happy with his competition.

Poser: And Toad has defied all odds by bringing a Cell Phone out into the field!
Orlando: Yes, folks, this is literally becoming the most boring fight in NC Deathmatch history.

Orlando: Amazing! All action has completely stopped!
Poser: It's like Jay hasn't even bothered to change the frames or anything.

Orlando: What's this? Toad has left the Deathmatch Arena! What a crazy match!
Poser: Well, you know how it goes. When Mario needs help, Toad has to answer.

Poser: And we're back to the fight!
Orlando: Looks like Mog has been preparing for Toad's return.

Poser: And Toad literally didn't see this one coming!
Orlando: He sure is going to be feeling that one in the morning.

Orlando: Toad breaks out of another attack! Will the madness ever end?
Poser: Not likely
Orlando: I didn't ask you. It was rhetorical.

Poser: Another sneak attack by Mog!
Orlando: And Toad is back into the fight! This is pure crazyness!

Poser: That's a big bag.

Orlando: No, THAT'S a big bag!

Poser: Incredible! Toad has become Racoon Toad!
Orlando: What a complete mockery of Super Mario Bros. 3!

Orlando: Ouch! Looks like Toad didn't think this one through very hard.
Poser: Flying is much harder then it looks. I tried the other day and broke both of my legs.

Poser: It looks like Mog has made a fatal mistake! He has bumped into the insanely huge bag, causing it to lose balance!

Orlando: And Toad's Really Big Bag of Cool Stuff crushes Mog!
Poser: What a horrible way to go, Lyle.
Orlando: The fight is over! Toad is the only fighter left concious! He's the winner!
Poser: But wait! Look up in the sky!

Orlando: It's Captain Churro! How on earth did he get into the Deathmatch Arena!
Poser: We simply need better security in here.
Poser: Churro knocks Toad out cold! This match is over and Churro is the victor!

Orlando: What a crazy fight! Captain Churro pulled out the win even though he appeared in only the last three frames on the comix!
Poser: Well, you know how NC Deathmatches go. ANYTHING is possible.
Orlando: Yeah, but isn't that a little unfair for Toad? Wait. You know what? I don't think Toad threw a single attack at Mog all night.
Poser: You're right, Orlando. Toad didn't attack once. What a wuss. Looks like Churro deserved the win after all! Let's here if for Churro! With that, we leave you and will see you next time on NC Deathmatch!
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