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Neglected Character Deathmatch

Zadok vs Birdo vs Geno

Poser: Wooooooooo! Deathmatch!
Orlando: That's right, Poser, it's Deathmatch time! Let's talk about today's fighters.
Poser: Wooooooooo! Deathmatch!
Orlando: First off, it's Colonel Zadok the Huntmaster. He's favored to win this one, poser.
Poser: Wooooooooo! Deathmatch!
Orlando: Second, it's Geno, the powerful warrior from Super Mario RPG.
Poser: Wooooooooo! Deathmatch!
Orlando: Lastly, it's Birdo, the mini-boss from Super Mario Bros. 2. Let's get this fight started!
Poser: Wooooooooo! Deathmatch!

Orlando: The fans have been waiting a long time for this fight, John. I hope Jay won't disappoint us. Did you know that it's been over a year since the last NC Deathmatch? I bet there are cob-webs on the ol' fighting grounds. What do you think, John?
Poser: Wooooooooo! Deathmatch!

Orlando: Wow! Look at the chaos on the field!
Poser: Wooooooooo! Deathmatch!
Orlando: ... You know, you can stop saying that.
Poser: Sorry...I'm trying. But it's so hard...Wooooooooo! Deathmatch!
Orlando: ...

Orlando: This battle is just dripping with action! I can feel the heat up here!

Orlando: Wow! What a stunning victory! Who would have thought that Zadok would have won?
Poser: I did, Lyle.
Orlando: Good for you...
Orlando: But wait! Wario is coming out of no where to steal the victory! Who would have thought that in a NC Deathmatch something this crazy was possible???
Poser: I did, Lyle.

Orlando: Talk about insanity! Now Bowser is here to claim the winning prize! Has this crazyness ever happened at an NC Deathmatch before?
Poser: Sure it has. This stupid stuff happens all the time.
Orlando: Oh, go back to your mindless chant.
Poser: Wooooooooo! Deathmatch!

Orlando: Well, it looks like Executrain finally got a win here at NC Deathmatch. But it sure cost him.
Poser: Wooooooooo! Deat...!
Orlando: (Puts away baseball bat) Until next time, adios!
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