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Neglected Character Deathmatch

Bill vs. Churro

Poser: We have ourselves one heck of a patriotic match tonight!
Orlando: The former presidents of NC duke it out to see who is the best!

Poser: In the left corner, we have Bill, the first NC president!
Orlando: In the right corner, we have Churro, who was the second NC president... and until recently, the most unusual president!
Poser: For extra patriotic action, we've used the old debate floor as an arena!
Orlando: Are you sure that's a good idea, Poser?
Poser: I'm sure nothing bad will happen.
Orlando: Aaaand Bill goes to end the match early with an Extra Move!
Poser: But that's not allowed, Lyle!
Poser: Fred tries to give the match to Bill!
Orlando: It's obvious who the winner i--WHAT THE???
Poser: In a Deathmatch, and maybe NC first, someone has survived the Extra Move!
Orlando: How shocking!
Orlando: Churro says some seemingly magical words...
Poser: I don't see anything happening, Lyle.
Orlando: Maybe we should call the match for Bill...
Orlando: Just look at that... this has been the most improbable Deathmatch of the century!
Orlando: ...He messed up the arena, Poser.
Poser: It isn't my fault! It isn't my fault! YOU wanted this arena!
Orlando: No I didn't! I wanted Big Blue!
Poser: Big Blue? ...It doesn't matter. We're both in trouble if Metal Man finds out!
Orlando: The match continues as--
Poser: Enough of the match, Orlando. We've got to make sure we aren't fired!
Poser: Let's say... Bill did it!
Orlando: Fine! ...Look, you doofus! We nearly missed another rare occurrence... two Extra Moves at once!
Poser: Oh no, not the stage-damaging warp again!
Orlando: You better have a good alibi, Poser!
Poser: Don't worry, I've just sent the picture of Bill using a dangerous technique... ...alongside some images of Bill's anti-Metal Man ads.
Orlando: But Bill never made any--
Poser: Quiet! I pasted them together over old ads! Now let's finish commentating!
Poser: Whoa! In the time we spent talking, things have become dire.
Orlando: This is all your fault, Poser. The match should have been ended... by us... a round or two ago!
Poser: Whoops!
Orlando: ...Well, that was unexpected.
Poser: Saved by the Bell!
Orlando: You monster! No one liked that show!
Poser: SHHH! The match actually finished!
Orlando: Oh... uh... this is the Deathmatch commentators, signing out!
Poser: Don't tell anyone made of steel about this or... ....goodbye! *VANISH*

Poser: ...Maybe I overdid the alibi...
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