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Neglected Character Deathmatch

Bowser VS Wart VS Wario

Poser: Welcome again to an all-new exciting Deathmatch!
Orlando: We have a ton of action ready for you tonight.
Poser: In the Green Corner, weighing in at 305 pounds, the Mario Masher, the Luigi Smasher, King Bowser Koopa!
Orlando: And in the Yellow Corner, weighing 367 pounds, the Green Thing, the Freaky Frog, Wart!
Poser: And finnaly, in the Brown and Blue Polka-Doted Corner, the (does he ahve any nicknames?), um...the Freak of all Freaks, Wario!

Poser: What a show we have for you today! This match will determine the Baddest Bad Guy.
Orlando: Well, no reason to waste any more daylight, lets get this on the road.
Poser: Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

Poser: And so the match starts off with a bang!
Orlando: Wario is out of the match! That was quick, I thought he would last untill at least the 5th round.
Poser: Bowser and Wart will continue the fight without the plumber-wanna-be.

Orlando: Whats this? Wario took a fall to make money on a side bet! loser.
Poser: But the fight still must go on. Bowser or Wart will win.

Poser: What is Wario doing???
Orlando: He seems to be torching Bowser's and Wart's houses, Poser.

Poser: Wow! And so after a stunning victory, Bowser was able to defeat Wart and Wario!
Orlando: But Wario got the last laugh today. Special thanks to Yoshi1001 for helping with tonight's deathmatch. See everyone next time on NC Deathmatch!
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