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Neglected Character Deathmatch

Goomba VS Koopa Troopa

Poser: Welcome to another action packed NC Deathmatch!
Orlando: Thanks to King Bowser Himself, we were able to borrow two of his minions and put them in a fight.
Poser: In the Indigo Corner, weighing in at 20 pounds, he has been called "the most pathetic thing in the Koopa Troop," Goomba!
Orlando: And in the Purple Corner, weighing in at 30 pounds, called the "second most pathetic thing in the Koopa Troop," Koopa Troopa!

Poser: I was just thinking Lyle, if neither one of these idiots are able to defeat Mario, then how can either one win?
Orlando: Don't worry about any stalemate. I have heard that each of out contestants have been going through heavy training. And we also have a 10000 round limit.
Poser: Let's Get Ready to Rumble!
Poser: Because the Koopa Troop does not know any english at all, we have Bowser with us today to help with the translation. How are you today, Bowser?
Bowser: Not bad at all. I am hoping that today's fight will give me a few pointers on how to help my pathetic Koopa Troop defeat that lowsey plumber.
Orlando: Lets get back to the fight.

Orlando: Wow! What was that? I have never seen a Goomba shoot lasers out of its eyes.
Bowser: We have been trying to improve the Goomba for a couple of years now. The current one we have today should be able to cause Mario some problems in the upcomming Super Mario 64 II.

Poser: Now that is something new. Will we be seeing this in SM 64 II also?
Bowser: yes, but by then we should get the Koopa Troopa to grow at least 10 times as big.

Poser: And it looks like the Goomba has won! What a great match this has been.
Orlando: But what! Mario has come out of no where onto the field!
Bowser: Mario!?!?!? That no good plumber...
Poser: And Mario has just smushed the Goomba!
Orlando: But wait! There is some one else comming onto the field.

Poser: Who would of thought that Zelda would challenge Mario to a fight.
Orlando: Maybe we will cover that fight next. But for now it is so long. Have a good night!
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