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Neglected Character Deathmatch

Mario VS Luigi VS Wario

Poser: Time for yet another exciting NC Deathmatch!
Orlando: Today, we have for you the fight of all fights!
Poser: In the red corner, Mr. Nintendo, The Man who people worship around the globe (when they are not worshiping Pikachu), Mario!
Orlando: And in the Green corner, current one-time winner in NC Deathmatch, Luigi!
Poser: And in the Purple corner, although he lost to Bowser in Deathmatch #3, he burned Bowser's house down in he prosess, Wario!

Orlando: What a fight we have today. This match will prove which person is the Overlord of Overalls.
Poser: Will it be Mario the Mascot King, Luigi the Neglected Brother, or Wario the Freak???
Orlando: Lets get ready to rumble!
Poser: The Ref. explains to the contestants the rules. I don't think we have to worry about any cheaters.

Orlando: And Mario is the first one to take punishment!
Poser: And it doesn't look like the punishment stops there. Luigi and Wario are going to finish him off!

Poser: Somehow a Mushroom Block has found it's way into the arena!
Orlando: We really need to stop these things from interfering.

Poser: And Mario is beginning to Grow!
Poser: And Grow...
Poser: And...Grow...
Orlando: Is it possible for Mario to grow that big?
Poser: I guess so...

Orlando: And Wario is out of the fight!
Poser: Luigi has his work cut out for him.

Poser: Ah oh...Mario is in trouble. Ref. Fred has found out he used a Mushroom.
Orlando: Mario is taking the news easily. Whats the penalty for breaking Deathmatch rules?
Poser: I think they cut off your hand.
Orlando: Ouch.

Poser: And Mario has just punched Fred out of the Arena! Looks like no one can save Luigi now.

Orlando: Who is that? WARIO??? Wow, even after getting thrown out of the ring Wario still goes on strong!
Poser: And it looks like he...blew off Mario's nose?

Poser: And so we end Part 1 of todays Deathmatch with Mario out of the fight!
Orlando: Who would have thought that Wario would come back in that stupid airplane. Go see part 2 of Deathmatch #6 NOW!
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