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Neglected Character Deathmatch

Mario VS Mario

Poser: Deathmatch Time!
Orlando: We have an...interesting match tonight for you viewers at home!
Poser: In the Red corner, one of the oldest video game heros alive, Mario from Super Mario Bros!
Orlando: And in the Blue corner, the newbie and Mr. Fancy 3D graphics, Mario from Super Mario 64!

Orlando: This fight will determine who the true Mario is.
Poser: But...Mario is there...and Marios also over there...and...
Orlando: Don't confuse yourself Poser, lets start the fight!

Orlando: Mario starts off the fight by finding a fire flower! Mario doesn't know what kind of trouble he's in!
Poser: Which Mario? I'm so confused!

Orlando: Ouch! Thats gatta hurt! Mario sure put the pain on Mario!
Poser: I can't take it anymore! I don't know who's who! Ieeeee! (Poser jumps out a window)
Orlando: John? John??? Oh well. Back to the fight.

Orlando: Mario is alive and figthing again! What a match!

Orlando: And so Super Mario Dolphin come out of no where for the victory! I guess we can all look forward to the next system from Nintendo now! Who am i talking to anyway??? Oh well, see you next time on NC Deathmatch!
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