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Previous Bios

Previous NC Bios.

Ever wanted to know the backround story of a particualar character? Well, look no further! If you have a request, let me know.

Bill the Extra Guy Bio. Part II-1/7/02
Bill the Extra Guy Bio. Part I (Not a real character)-4/10/01
Daisy Bio. Part II-4/16/00
Daisy Bio.Part I-6/25/99
Fred the Spanyard Bio. (Not a real character)-6/16/99
Kirby Bio. Part IV-5/7/99
Jay Bio. (April Fools 1999 Joke)-4/1/99
Kirby Bio. Part III-1/21/99
Kirby Bio. Part II-10/10/98
Kirby Bio. Part I-8/25/98
Wart Bio. Part II-9/5/98
Wart Bio. Part I-8/25/98
Koopa Kids Bio.-8/3/98
Smithy Bio-7/23/98
Goomba Generic Bio.-7/21/98
Wario Bio. Part III-7/10/98
Wario Bio. Part II-7/1/98
Wario Bio. Part I-6/17/98
Mallow Bio.-5/8/98
Geno Bio.-4/27/98
Kamek Bio.-4/17/98
Yoshi Bio.-4/4/98
Princess Bio.-3/21/98
Bowser Bio. Part II -3/5/98
Bowser Bio. Part I -2/23/98
Toad Bio. -2/12/98
Luigi Bio.-2/7/98

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