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Screen Shots

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Welcome to the new screen shot section. I'm trying to get a good cross section of shots from all Mario games and appearances. Once I get a few shots from every game I can, I'll go more in-depth on specific games. Once I get a scanner and more time, a lot more pics will come. Screen shots with number links after them are a continuation of the previous shot in essence. If there's a specific pic. you want, let me know, and I'll try to get it. Happy viewing.
Total screen shot count: 17

Mario & Wario

Title Screen
Gameplay Screenshot #1

Mario Clash

Level Select
Gameplay Screenshot #1

Mario Golf

Thumbs up from Luigi
Gameplay Screenshot #1
Gameplay Screenshot #2
Gameplay Screenshot #3 (Game Boy)
Gameplay Screenshot #4 (Game Boy)

Mario Party

Title Screen
Select Screen
The board game
A mini-game

Mario Party 2

Mini game #1
The star

Mario's Time Machine

Title Screen
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