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The Not-so-secret Page

Congratulations! You found SMBHQ's secret page! Well actualy it's not that secret. All you probably did was click on the front page logo. Heck, doing a search for 'secret' on the search engine would find this page! Anyway, I put stuff here that's too minor for the front page, and too random for any section. Don't count on updates.

The Best Mario Memory Ever!: Just read it.
Ode to a Plumber: If Shakespeare played Mario.
College Essay about SMBHQ: Warning- Makes me sound like a conceited jerk.

Golden Toads Award Achive: Features an archive of winners of the Golden Toad Awards.

April Fools '09: Ad Overload + The Nonexistent NC Joke.
April Fools '08: SMBHQTMND.
April Fools '07: "Unamusing".
April Fools '06: It was an off year for us.
April Fools '05: Noobies, Germans, and Decapitations! OH MY!
April Fools '04: Sean Kelly Takes Over (Who would have thought that he would actually become co-webmaster 4 months after this came out)
April Fools '03: Mario Beetle
April Fools '02: The Super Monkey Ball HQ
Mysteries April Fools '02: Second Minus World
NC April Fools '02: The NC Game
April Fools '01: Mario on Dreamcast... yeah right.
Y2K Joke : Not too funny anymore.
April Fools '99: New system surprise!
April Fools '98: Mario's Tea Party and the SMB re-release.

SMBHQ's 1st birthday: Boring.
SMBHQ's 2nd birthday: Front page retrospective.
SMBHQ's 3rd birthday: Thank you's.
The Early Days of SMBHQ/NC: Written by Jay Resop and Kyle Orland.
Sean Kelly's 5th Year Anniversary Retrospective: Celebrating 5 Years at SMBHQ!
SMBHQ's 7 Year Itch: A look back at the ups and downs SMBHQ faced over it's 7 years online.
SMB8Q: A look into the future.

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