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About the Staff

Primary Staff

These are the people in charge of keeping SMBHQ afloat. If you have a question about the site, these are the people to ask.

Kyle Orland

Kyle Orland

Co-Founder, Business Manager, Elder Statesman, and Co-Webmaster of SMBHQ

Twitter: @KyleOrl
Location: Maryland, USA
About: Kyle started up SMBHQ along with Jay way back in 1997. Back then the web wasn't full of great Mario pages and Kyle's life wasn't full with a 40-hour/week job and freelance opportunities. He still posts increasingly rare updates, but his role now resembles a business manager more than a content manager. Kyle also provides general oversight of SMBHQ and sometimes barks seemingly random orders at the webmasters (who roll their eyes and say, "Crazy Kyle's at it again," under their breath). One of these days he's resolved to get the Game Info. pages up to date...

Other websites:

Sean Kelly

Sean Patrick Kelly

Co-Webmaster, Primary Web Design, Graphics, General Site Maintence, Creator of Super Mario Mysteries

Twitter: @seanpkelly82
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
About: Sean is the oldest non-founding staff member on the site. He joined in 1998 as the Game Guides editor and helped Kyle and Jay behind the scenes before he was promoted to co-webmaster in 2004. While busy with the site's day-to-day needs, he still finds time to do the mailbag and occasionally update his Super Mario Mysteries section. In the real world, Sean holds a diploma in Computer Programming and is currently studying for a BA in Film Studies.

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Section Editors

Here the people that run the various Specialty Sections. They are listed by the order the sections are listed on the main page.

Jonathan Lipszyc Cartoons Editor Toronto, ON, Canada
Ryan "RJ" Jean Movies Editor Michigan, USA
Beth "PeachFan" Blakeslee Comics Editor Location: New York, USA
Thomas O'Rourke Fan Fiction Editor, Super Mario Productions Assistant Director Rhode Island, USA
Eric "Super Toad" Marcarelli Game Ideas Editor, Mailbag Responder Connecticut, USA
Samuel "Game Guru" Maine Head Superpower of Super Smash Stadium, Mailbag Responder Tennessee, USA
Pat V Sprites Editor USA
Jeff "GM_Link" Volpe Super Mario Productions Director Maryland, USA

Other Staff

Here are the people that help out around the site, but do not currently run a section.

Nathan "PenguinMan26" Garcia Mailbag Responder USA
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